technical rant

one of the things i’ve done in the past is reverse engineer existing apps, just to see how they work. some of the things i’ve come to realize is that even though something works well, it doesn’t mean that how it’s doing it is done well.

and go figure that the one day that i have off of work, i’m spending it in front of my computer programming. who would have thunk it?

so what am i doing? i’m trying to get pMachine up and running better. it has the best feature set for a blogging tool that i want, but the one thing that bothers me about it is that it is missing a few key features.

the thing that i’ve been working on today is the calendaring feature. it seems to have a rather robust calendaring feature, but they’ve been stripped away in the free version. now, i can understand this tactic to encourage users to pay for the full-featured version. i mean, a guy’s gotta earn a living, right? i have no problem with that.

what i do have a problem with is poorly written code. and it seems that there is some bad coding techniques employed in relatively good code. it reminds me of phpAdsNew and it’s ridiculous database design.

anyway, i’m done ranting because i’ve figured out how this works…i just don’t like how it’s done, though i understand why it was done the way that it was.


thanksgiving tradition

a long, long time ago, it used to be tradition that we would go over to my aunt’s place for thanksgiving dinner. we would go in the early afternoon and then we would catch up with my aunt and uncle for a while.

we would gorge ourselves with more food than we could eat and then after all was done, we would sit around moaning in pain. once the pain was gone, i would go and hang out with my cousin. my cousin was a big computer super know it all and i wanted to be just like him. he would show me all these cool things about computers and we’d talk about it forever. then we would play some computer games that he had or check out other such things.

in the more recent future, after dinner we would talk about our going ons in life and just have a grand time.

my aunt passed away a couple of years ago and thanksgiving dinner has become a more private affair since. my family stays at home and cooks a grand feast for ourselves and we still gorge ourselves silly. but i am reminded of my aunt whenever the holidays come around.


happy turkey day!

happy thanksgiving! i guess it’s nice to have a holiday set aside where you can reflect about what you are thankful for in this holiday season. it’s also a time of year to think about all of the gorging you will do at the dinner table.

this past year has definitely given me many things to be thankful for. i’m thankful for my family and friends who are so much a part of my daily life. i am thankful for my health, specifically my arm so that i can continue to play volleyball, a sport that i have recently come to enjoy quite a bit. i can go on and on about all of the things that i could be thankful for, but i’m too busy playing games to be able to name it all…oh, i am thankful for games and the distraction that they provide from real life. we all need our escapes, you know?

anyhow, happy thanksgiving, everyone!