this year’s thanksgiving

this year i went home for thanksgiving dinner. it was pretty good dinner with the usual dinner items: turkey, cranberries, salad, stuffing, and a zuccini casserole. every year we have at least those dishes. every year i think to myself that maybe, just maybe this will be the year that i will actually *like* the zuccini casserole, but, alas, no…i didn’t like it this year either.

i usually end up trying a little bit of it because my parents rave about how good it is and how much they like it and how i should try it. it’s the same pattern every year…and i still don’t like it. i don’t know why i keep trying it, thinking that i might actually like it this time. i guess some traditions die hard.

after dinner, my dad and i sifted through all of the advertisements looking for the good sales. i think that my dad woke up at 5AM this morning to try and get in on some deals at best buy’s 6 hour sale which started at 6AM this morning. it’s craziness, i tell you…sheer madness.

after we finished looking at ads, my dad challenged me to some games of pool. the first two games were overwhelmingly large victories for me. i crushed him. ph33r m3. but then, he came back and his aim was true and he proceeded to romp me in three straight games. after that i decided to give up and rest.


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