more pMachine stuff

the more i fool around with pMachine, the more i like it. i think as i understand it better, it makes more and more sense to me. there are still a few peculiarities about it, but it isn’t so bad. with each passing day i feel more and more confident that i made the right decision to build off of pMachine instead of some other blogging tool. what amazes me is that pMachine is relatively unheard of. i wonder why…it really is good software.

so the little pet project that i’ve been working on is making a pMachine-enabled blogroll. just a nice way to manage links. the big problem i had with this before was that i hand coded the list of links that currently is to the left. this is a problem. it’s hard to manage and a pain to deal with. that’s what makes blogrolling so attractive. but what i really hate about blogrolling (and most free services) is that they force you to advertise their service on your site….unless you pay them for the service. while this does make good business sense, i guess i really dislike using other people’s software and advertising it when i feel i can do it myself. i guess that’s just the inner geek in me.

i’m not so thrilled with the way it handles caching, but it isn’t so bad. i think that i may add on the built-in caching mechanism and make it a little bit more intelligent. the one big downfall i saw to pMachine was the fact that it has to do a database request for every page. i really prefer publishing to HTML instead of hitting the database all the time. i guess i’ll go install the caching system soon and see how it works.


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