dreaming of an ice cream treat

in the past, my family had an ice cream maker and we tried to make ice cream with it. it wasn’t a very pretty experience, the ice cream was mostly slushy and it never really hardened. i’ve always wanted to make ice cream, but never knew what the secret was. i’m hoping that when my ice cream maker comes, it will be easy to use and it will make the kind of ice cream that i want.

i’ve already dreamed up of a bunch of flavors i’d like to try. cookies and cream, green tea, fanta orange, chocolate chip….mmmmm. the maker i ordered makes 1 quart worth of ice cream. not enough for big parties, but enough for a few servings.

i just hope that this ice cream maker doesn’t become one of those kitchen appliances that i use once and never use again. that would be rather sad.


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