i’ve been staring blankly at my screen for a while now. i’ve been struggling with this bit of code for a while now. i don’t get why it wasn’t working. i have these four variables, i called them field1_variable, field2_variable, field3_variable… and so anyway, i was getting all these null errors all day and i couldn’t figure out what for the life of me was wrong.

of course i assign values to these variables and then later when i want to do something with them i reffered to them as field_variable1, field_variable2, etc. so, heh, of course they were NULL!

err, ummm…i’m just stupid.

2 thoughts on “whoops”

  1. not tsql, just a very tired programmer not paying much attention. it’s ok, i’m allowed 4 stupid days a week so long as i’m fantabulous on the last day to fix all the mistakes i made earlier in the week.

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