there are no clear answers

it never ceases to amaze me how completely frustrating life can be. sometimes it seems that there are no clear answers to be found, ever. nothing just is…rather, it usually just might be this or it might be that. why is it that life has a tendency to lean towards the ambiguous as opposed to the obvious and straightforwardness that we would all rather enjoy?

perhaps it is this way because we feel that we ultimately know what the reality of the situation is, but we aren’t prepared to accept that reality so instead we try to leave things as ambiguous so that we can fool ourselves into thinking that things may not be as obvious as we see it to be. maybe we are just fooling ourselves because we aren’t ready for the disappointment that lies ahead of us.

why is it that there appear to be no clear answers anymore?

maybe they are clear, i just don’t like the picture.

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