one of the reasons why i am not particularly fond of bittorrent is because each instance of bittorrent is independent of each other. this is bad for me because i have a limited upload rate. as a result, when my uploads reach my upper limit, my internet connection slows to a crawl. this, by itself, isn’t a big deal except for the fact that it limits me to downloading only one thing at a time. sure, i can set my upload rate low for each torrent, but i haven’t figured out what the relationship is with upload rate and download rate, but they seem related to each other somehow.

oh well, the one thing that i do like about bittorrent is that it appears to have a more steady rate of acquiring stuff compared to overnet. the thing i really, really hate about bittorrent is that it requires the use of a seed and it doesn’t have a built in searching mechanism. so unless someone has published the seed to something that i want AND i can find that seed, i won’t be able to get it.

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