lack of posts

i haven’t been posting much. part of it is because i’ve been busy, part of it is because i’ve been so very tired. i was actually planning to go to a pearl tea event last night, i think it was the boba network on ryze that was meeting in mountain view, but i was just too tired and i couldn’t get out.

but yesterday was actually a pretty productive day, though. i got my oil changed. the one thing that i hate about my car is the amazing amount of oil it needs. before this car, i never had to pay extra for oil because the engine could not hold more than the 5 quarts that the oil change shop covers in their basic package. but no, my car now loves oil as much as i love pearl tea and it eats up a whopping 7.5 quarts of oil. so the extra 2.5 quarts are charged at a ridiculous rate. but, again, my laziness overwhelms me and instead of changing the oil in my car myself, i’ll pay the extra bit to have them do it.

they also vacuum the interior of the car, so i guess it’s worth it. sort of. well, not really. but anyway, i digress. the oil change went without incident and now that i’m pushing 200,000+ miles on my car, i think it’s about time to take it in for its annual check up as well.

after the oil change, i rented another xbox game. this game freedom pass at blockbuster is amazing. especially because of my ridiculously short attention span, i can change games as quickly as i get bored of them. there have been some days where i would swap two or three games in the same day. crazy. the one thing that i must say about the xbox is that there definitely aren’t as many games out there for the console and i haven’t really found one that i’m addicted to. i guess i should try and play halo, though.

and i also got pizza from fast pizza. they are reasonably fast at making the pizza too, but their store is really, really hot. i would say that it’s probably 85 degrees in the store. really, really hot.

i didn’t get any pearl tea yesterday though. the horrors! i actually fell asleep pretty early, i was planning to get some, but instead, the comfort of my bed beckoned and i heeded its ever-tempting calls. i think that was around 9pm last night.


and then i woke up at 5:30am this morning. i feel well rested…but i can’t imagine sleeping so early every day. it just isn’t right.


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