spam musubi

i made some spam musubi last night. i wasn’t sure what to expect, but it actually turned out pretty good, i thought. i must admit that when i first heard about spam musubi i had my doubts.

spam? sushi? eh?

but it was actually pretty good. i was trying to pawn off some of the spam musubi to some of the poker gang, but no one seemed to want to eat it. i can understand the reluctance. jen and leeya were open-minded enough to try some and the both liked it. i ate a plate of it, myself. mmmm. i’m going to make another batch tonight for the volleyball tournament and i’ll take pictures and describe the process. the directions i found on the net were helpful, but i think i’m a visual person so i need more pictures.

i bought a 50 pound bag of rice yesterday and it was considerably harder to carry than the 20 pound bag…go figure. i went through 3 cups of rice as if it were nothing yesterday, though. i think i’m going to make 8 cups tonight so i can make really fat spam musubi, yo. errr phat musubi….err, whatever.


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