one rollercoaster ride to another

it’s been one of those days.

quite often i liken myself to characters in tv shows. i think that the more i identify with the characters in a tv show, the more i end up liking that show. today, i think the character that i identify with the most is angel from the tv show angel.

how do i identify with a vampire with a soul, one may ask? is it because i’ve got rugged good looks and unnatural strength? no. is it because i have super healing powers? no, my ankle clearly demonstrates the lack of healing powers i’ve got. is it because i will burst into flames if i go into the sunlight? alas, no.

i am cursed. i’m not sure how to really describe this curse, but the gist of it is that like angel, if i am ever to exerience the beginnings of true happiness, my world begins to fall apart. odd, isn’t it? you’d think that if you were happy that things would be great. but it seems that as things seem to be getting better and better, life just starts to take a turn for the worse.

earlier today, i think that i really started to have a pretty positive outlook on things, but something happened to change my mind. it went from a good day to a dark day. i guess i’ve had all this time to slowly store away the pain of yesterday’s past, but it slowly boiled up to the surface. just when things were starting to look good too.


oh well, life goes on. i guess i’ll try to see where it leads.


anita photo shoot

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0511/IMG_5824.jpg&title=anita][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0511/IMG_5906.jpg&title=anita][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0511/IMG_6152.jpg&title=anita][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0511/IMG_6212.jpg&title=anita][/url]

ah, so i got the blessing from anita to post pictures from her shoot. i must say that working with models to take pictures is a completely different experience than the other types of photography that i’ve done. in some ways it is very challenging because models move where as buildings and landscapes are pretty stationary. there are so many little things that you have to look for when doing portrait work, i still have a lot to learn, but as my friend christina once said, “you can’t take a bad picture of naturally attractive people.”

i think the one thing with portrait photography is that it is much more of an engaging photo shoot. it’s quite fun and you get to interact with your subject at a more intimiate level. when i do landscape of building photography, it’s a lot more introspective.


bike computer

true to my word, i got a bike computer yesterday. after some research, it seemed that this particular bike computer seemed to be the one to get. a good price/performance combination. it seems like a hardy enough computer, and i think that i did the calibration right. we’ll see, i guess when i compare it with someone else’s bike computer. the only thing that i have a little concern about is whether or not the wire to the sensor might get caught on something. i wonder how you secure it to the bike so that won’t be a problem. the instructions say to use twisty ties, but that looks really, really tacky. i may end up getting some electrical tape and taping it along one of the brake lines.

but it’s pretty cool. i rode a cool 0.25 miles yesterday while testing out the bike computer ranging from 7-15 miles an hour. man…15 miles an hour is a hard pace to keep up. i’m pretty
excited to use it and i’ll probably go out biking today. where shall i go? hmmmmm.

biking is kind of nice because i think that it also gives me an opportunity to think. my mind wanders from topics as trivial as what my favorite britney spears song is to topics as serious as what my favorite britney spears outfit is.

it is a nice time to sort of let all of your other concerns wash away from you for a while as you ride through the trails and just unwind. i think that’s what a large part of sports means to me. it gives me time away from everything else that is usually on my mind.

speaking of which, sunday starts up the JACL volleyball league. originally, i wasn’t going to be playing in this league on account of my gimpy ankle and the fact that it totally eats up your weekend. but with my new schedule at work and the fact that i’m unattached, weekends have a new meaning to me. i’ve been pretty busy on the weekends, i still am trying to figure out what it is that i’ve done during them, but it’s been nice.

but yes, biking. i need to find some trails to go on. anyone know of any good resources for bay area biking?

coffee and donuts

i don’t understand why coffee and donuts are sold together. i’ve never really liked plain coffee very much. my drink of choice at coffeeshops would have to be the white mocha. ultra sweet and easy to drink for me. i decided to get a donut and a mocha this morning and after eating the donut, the mocha was quite bitter.

but it made me think. maybe the mocha isn’t that bitter, but compared to the donut which is excessively sweet, the mocha just seemed like it was bitter. and it made me think about a friend of mine. maybe my friend wasn’t really unhappy, just compared to everyone else around them, it just seemed like it.