one rollercoaster ride to another

it’s been one of those days.

quite often i liken myself to characters in tv shows. i think that the more i identify with the characters in a tv show, the more i end up liking that show. today, i think the character that i identify with the most is angel from the tv show angel.

how do i identify with a vampire with a soul, one may ask? is it because i’ve got rugged good looks and unnatural strength? no. is it because i have super healing powers? no, my ankle clearly demonstrates the lack of healing powers i’ve got. is it because i will burst into flames if i go into the sunlight? alas, no.

i am cursed. i’m not sure how to really describe this curse, but the gist of it is that like angel, if i am ever to exerience the beginnings of true happiness, my world begins to fall apart. odd, isn’t it? you’d think that if you were happy that things would be great. but it seems that as things seem to be getting better and better, life just starts to take a turn for the worse.

earlier today, i think that i really started to have a pretty positive outlook on things, but something happened to change my mind. it went from a good day to a dark day. i guess i’ve had all this time to slowly store away the pain of yesterday’s past, but it slowly boiled up to the surface. just when things were starting to look good too.


oh well, life goes on. i guess i’ll try to see where it leads.


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