like water off a duck’s back

sometimes you just have to let things go. you have to try not to read more into a situation than there really is. sometimes you just have to take things at its face value and just go with what you know as fact. speculation can only lead to half-truths and assumptions.

all that ails me will be dropped like water off a duck’s back.

that’s what i tell myself whenever i start to get a little to wrapped up in something that is probably more than its worth.


finally, the wein hs!

i placed the order for my optical slave triggers on 4/22/04. they FINALLY shipped it yesterday. all enthusiasm i had for it has dissipated into frustration and impatience. three weeks it took them to ship it! three weeks!

ah, oh well. now i have to go and figure out how i’m going to be mounting these slaves once i get them in the mail.

hmmm, i just read the last sentence again and it didn’t come out quite how i had intended. but i’m currently debating whether or not i need to purchase more light stands or if i could make do with what i’ve got. maybe i can jury-righ something together so that i won’t have to get more bulky equipment.


hump day!

ah, just trying to make it over the hump. it’s wednesday and that means that it’s time to push through this day and coast through the rest of the week. i’m trying, anyway. i don’t have anything planned for the weekend, but i think that i’ll probably end up taking some pictures of the JACL volleyball tournament this weekend.

sunday starts up the JACL league. i’m still not totally sure if i’m actually on the roster or not, but i guess i’ll find out sunday when i show up and pathetically ask around, “am i on your team? no? can i play with you?”


i’m hoping that today will be a better day than yesterday. it’s not starting out so good, though.