not enough time for the tube

with my recent interest in biking, i haven’t had much of an opportunity to watch tv. as a result, i think that i’ve probably got something like 10 hours of tv queued up waiting to be watched. at this rate, i’m not sure if i will ever have the time to catch up on my tv. so sad. how will i know what happened with amy and ephram? what happened to angel, buffy, spike, and the immortal?

it’s weird that i’m doing all of these things outside of tv these days. it used to be that tv was my rock. it was what everything else revolved around. well…maybe not that bad, but i did watch a lot of tv. a few hours a day.

at night, i’ve been opting to read the da vinci code instead of watching tv. i’m not sure if i should be concerned, but i really do like the book so far. it’s just taking me forever to read it. i wonder sometimes if i have some kind of reading disorder that makes me sleepy whenever i try to read a book because within 10 minutes of reading my book i fall asleep.

2 thoughts on “not enough time for the tube”

  1. it is taking me forever. i’m probably halfway through the book, but at night i get sleepy and i can’t read more than 10 pages before i fall asleep. so bad.

  2. You’re the first person to say it’s taking them “FOREVER” to get through The Da Vinci Code. Something is wrong with you. 😉

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