new volleyball league

sometimes i wonder if i should just make a volleyball category since i seem to write about it enough…more so than some of the other categories. anyway, i started a new season this last sunday with the JACL league. my teammates are pretty awesome, so i’m quite happy about how it all worked out.

it just proved how small the world really is when i was talking to a teammate. we were just chatting and she mentioned that she was a teacher. i told her that i had a teacher friend too who worked in milpitas. she then said, oh, “shirley?”

i just froze in my tracks. what?! how do you know her? it turns out that they went to college together and were neighbors. go figure. such a small, small world.

i tried setting last night and it was a dismal failure. i can’t get myself to set non-tight sets. it’s just too much of a habit for me. ugh. but i had a lot of fun and i look forward to playing on this team.


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