you choose

You Choose
-Pet Shop Boys

He’s gone
You’ve lost
Stay behind
and count the cost
You try
You lose
You don’t fall in love by chance
You choose

It’s a decision
made overtime
Should you take the risk
and start to climb
the steepest hill
only to find
halfway there you’ve been
left behind

Choosing to love
is risking a lot
and trying to change
and to keep all you’ve got
But don’t pretend
it comes out of the blue
You take a chance
and see it through
and if it’s refused
what can you do?
Continue hopefully
Start anew

Lick your wounds
Buy your booze
You won’t get drunk by accident
You choose
Don’t blame him
for refusing your bid
He didn’t decide to love
You did

Learn the lesson
Take the blows
You didn’t fall in love by chance
You chose
Play the sad songs
Sing the blues
You don’t fall in love by chance
You chose

the price of honesty

honesty. as cheesy as it may sound, i do believe that honesty is the best poilcy. that isn’t to be confused with full disclosure. just because you don’t tell everyone everything doesn’t mean that you are being dishonest. now, you don’t want to mislead them into believing something else, but you can withhold information without being dishonest.

that being said, one cannot expect that every effort they make in a friendship will be reciprocated. it just doesn’t work that way. the ties of friendship are formed after someone extends that first step and it is reciprocated. if it isn’t, then maybe there’s just no desire to be anything better.

i remember the countless times i’ve extended my hands in friendship only to feel like it was taken without thanks, without acknowledgement, without any real appreciation for the effort i was trying to make. i guess you have to just know when to call it quits and move on. no sense in lamenting over something that you don’t have…unless you are into that sort of thing.