dido this weekend!

i haven’t mentioned it yet, but i’m going to the dido concert this weekend! i’m pretty excited. what i find kind of funny about the concert is that i’m going with [url=http://www.track15.com]dardy[/url] and greg. yup, it’s a guy’s night out…to a dido concert. i wonder if anyone else finds that just a little odd.

but still, i’m looking forward to it. i wonder if she has a good shirt to buy. i think last concert’s stuff wasn’t that great so i ended up not getting anything.



man, i watched the angel series finale last night and it was probably the most disappointing series finale i’ve ever seen. sure, one of the main characters dies. sure, there’s this huge showdown and great plan to take out the black thorn. but what really upset me was that there was no real closure. what happened to angel and the rest of the gang now that they have to fight against that huge swarm? what exactly is this huge swarm of demons? where did they come from? exactly who is wolfram and hart? i don’t get it.

i feel like there could have been so much more to the show, but it just left me hanging. very unsatisfying and quite the disappointment, if you ask me.


weird dream

i had a dream last night that i was on a group date. the way it worked was that there were an equal number of guys and girls and they would all collectively go out on a date. the setting was actually a living room somewhere and the girls were sitting on the sofas. it was sort of like speed dating initially where we would make our round of introductions to each girl individually and rotate amongst them.

when i met diane, one of the questions she asked me was when i thought it was appropriate to kiss your date. what happened next was sort of an out of body moment. i could see myself leaning over to her kissing her after she had asked that question. she was surprised and shocked at first, but then got into the kiss. after that it was time for the guys to switch to the next person, so i left her smiling and she watched me go with a smile on her face. she winked a goodbye to me.

and then i woke up.