dido tomorrow

tomorrow is going to be a long day. i need to get to bed early tonight…but i have so much to do before tomorrow. i wonder if my roommate will help out with the preparations…we’ll see. the poor girl had to work until 1AM last night, she’s probably too tired out to do anything.

anyway, i’ve got to make some burgers, i think thanh and tung are going to drop by the vball tournament tomorrow. that’ll be cool. so i’ve got some grocery shopping to do and then i’ll be off to prepare burger patties. i really hate those frozen ones. ugh.

i wonder why i’ve been on a cooking kick lately. that’s kind of odd. it all started with the dinner on tuesday…

after the volleyball tournament, i have to wash up and get ready for the dido concert. i’m pretty excited about it and i hope that it goes well. i hope the seats are good, the venue looks small, so i think it’ll be cool.


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