pretty funny

i have a friend who had made a small stink about how i never wanted to include them in some activities that i participated in. after that, it sort of made me start to think about how i treated the person and i started to feel bad because i felt that maybe i was unusually mean to her. so i had resolved to try and be nicer to her and when the next opportunity had presented itself, i would include her in the said activity.

so yesterday i was talking to the friend of mine and i was about to invite them to this thing when i found out that they had already made plans for this thing without me. i had to laugh at the situation because it is oddly fitting that the one time i change and try to do something out of the ordinary, it backfires.

as a result, i’ve taken this as a sign that i don’t think that i need to try to be so superly sensitive about such things anymore. just pee into the wind, i say.


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