recently heard…

there are various bits and pieces of conversations with various people that i remember over the course of this last week. some were funnier than others, but all were memorable.

“you’ve changed a lot since i met you. you aren’t as skinny as you used to be.”
this, of course, was immediately qualified by her explaining to me that she didn’t mean to call me fat or anything after i had this shocked look on my face. then she went to try to explain further that i looked more muscular than when she had first met me. that’s when i finally stopped her and said that it’s ok, she didn’t have to try to make me feel better. my ego isn’t that fragile…is it?

“if i weren’t getting married, i’d date u =P”
you know, it’s always the ones that are taken that really appreciate the “good guy” that you are. instead, anyone who is available will never see it. it’s murphy’s law, you know? but i’m sure the second that i’m unavailable all these people will start springing up in my life. it’s always the way that it is. when you’re looking, you’ll never find. and when you have given up looking, you’ll find what it was that you were looking for.

sort of reminds me of all this useless beauty

“you so ARE a flirt!”
i was having a conversation with a friend of mine and i was explaining to her that i am not a flirt. she bust out in laughter and then exclaimed that i was a flirt. she said that i am as much a flirt as her hair is black. yeah. then we went on this discussion about why it is that she thinks i’m a flirt and i tried to explain to her how i really am not a flirt…instead, i am this shy, quiet boy who is just trying to get by…really.

“compared to most of your friends you’ve dated a billion times more than they have!”
i was trying to explain to her that though that statement may be true, it’s awfully misleading because i haven’t dated a billion girls. regardless of what some people think, it’s simply not true. but when you compare me to people who haven’t dated at all or who have only dated one person in their life, sure, comparatively speaking it seems like a lot of people…but it isn’t, really. i just happen to be less lucky in love compared to the average person.

“ok, maybe you weren’t flirting so much as you were just being playful. i think it’s just a matter of semantics.”
finally, at the end of the conversation i think i had convinced her that i was not a flirt. sometimes i say things that might sound flirtatious in nature, but it doesn’t mean that i really am a flirt, you know?


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