dido setlist

as far as i can tell, this was the setlist for the dido concert on saturday:

here with me
see you when you’re 40
life for rent
my life
honestly ok
don’t leave home
who makes you feel
take my hand
mary’s in india
thank you
sand in my shoes
white flag

do you have a little time
all you want
see the sun

mmmmm, good concert.


random girls follow him!

i was talking to [url=http://www.bastalaranza.com]geoff[/url] last night and he was telling me about how he was walking around campus and then these random girls started to follow him back to his office. random, pretty girls are following him! he told me he didn’t know what to do with that.


i had some ideas.

that’s just crazy though. it’s amazing how a man in uniform can really change the perceptions of someone for women. crazy, man. i’ve NEVER had a girl follow me. in fact, i think i’ve had to chase women down just to get their attention! but that’s so cool. i think he needs to harness these powers of his and use them for good. oh, yes, just imagine the good that can be done with this.


too much volleyball

this weekend was a lot of volleyball. i played in the shindig tournament with greg on saturday, played at serra park on sunday afternoon, and then played in the JACL league sunday evening. it’s just too much volleyball this weekend.

there’s no volleyball today, though. i think i’m going to go home early and go to sleep. mmmm. nice sleep. yes, sleep. good.