hump day go away

i don’t know what it is about today, but i have no desire to be at work anymore. i think part of it must stem from the fact that i have to work later tonight. there’s a launch to be scheduled and so i have to go and do stuff later this evening. it sucks because it kills my evening plans and i have no idea what to do about dinner.

i was thinking about making dinner tonight, but now that i have to work in the evening, it sort of takes time away from that. i wonder if i can find a quick recipe for something good. hmmmmm. what would i like to eat? it’s sort of hard to make dinner for one…i always end up making too much food and then i won’t be able to finish it off.

but anyhow, any motivation i have to do anything is pretty much gone right now. i’m not sure what it is. i’m not looking forward to doing anything else, either. i just want to not do anything. maybe part of the problem is that the things i have left to do just aren’t particularly fun. maybe that’s what it is. oh well, i should stop complaining now and just get it over with.


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