packing woes

i’ve always been pretty bad about packing. a few years ago i used to overpack. completely overpack everything that i owned whenever i went anywhere. my mom always said that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

i remember my first ski trip, i brought a huge suitcase for a weekend long trip. compared to everyone else my suitcase was about twice as big as everyone else’s. i didn’t understand how people could get by. i brought extra changes of clothes, extra socks, extra everything.

over the years, i’ve gotten lazier and lazier and i wouldn’t finish packing until the last moment. i would just throw whatever was closeby to me into the suitcase and i’d go. i stil haven’t finished packing for the LA trip, but i already suspect that i’ll forget a bunch of things. i think the only thing that i really need is my suit, my camera, and my wallet.

my cousin told me once that all he really ever needed whenever he travelled was the clothes on his back and a wallet. everything else is just a creature comfort.


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