friday, finally. this week has dragged on since thanh left for LA to prepare for her wedding. the work days have been ok, i’ve been trying to get as much done as quickly as possible because of the looming deadlines. i had two software launches this week and today is supposed to be the day that i relish in the glory that has come to fruition from all of the labors of the week.

instead, it feels like any other day.

in celebration of friday, i decided that i was going to wear one of my hawaiian shirts. i’m not sure why no one else i know has hawaiian shirts, but i think it should be my duty to start getting them for my friends. ah, yes, that should have been one of my new year’s resolutions: force bad fashion on my friends.

the day that i decide to wear a hawaiian shirt, it rains. of course. the morning commute to work was pretty brutal. there were two major accidents along the way making the drive unbearably long. my only consolation is that that is going to seem like nothing compared to the 6+ hour drive i have coming up later this evening as shirley, charles, amy, and i head down to thanh’s wedding.

i haven’t completely packed yet, but i figure that i’ll do that when i get home. i’m planning to go home a little early today. it’s been a long week and i’ve quite drained. the only ray of sunshine i’ve had today is that i stumbled across a stash of dubble bubble gum. man, i love that stuff.

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  1. I contemplated wearing a Hawaiian shirt this morning, but the overcast skies kinda killed the mood. ­čśŤ Have a safe drive.

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