how did we get here from there?

a year ago, i had just ordered a brand new volleyball. perhaps this is as good as a day to mark the beginnings of the new me. i never really thought about how different i’ve become until i had some recent conversations with a couple of people.

a year ago i went biking with jimmy, josh, warren, and nelson, i think. i thought that i was going to die. i was borrowing jimmy’s uber nice bike and still i was having so much trouble i thought for sure that i would die. surely.

a year ago my interest in volleyball was just beginning, but i didn’t have much of an interest to play more than one night a week.

a year ago the thought of exercising was ludicrous.

a year ago the thought of waking up at 5:30AM to get to work was unimaginable.

so much has changed since a year ago.

how did we get here from there?

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