bike upgrade

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0705/IMG_7087.jpg&title=bike+upgrade][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0705/IMG_7088.jpg&title=bike+upgrade][/url]

[url=]jimmy[/url] came over to my place yesterday to help me swap out my stem and handlebar with a new one that i ordered a few weeks ago. the new stem is significanty longer than my old one and the new handlebar is flat instead of curved. i’m going to try to sell the stock stem and handlebar (if anyone’s interested shoot me an email!) but i hear that i probably won’t be able to get much for it. oh well.

but the riding position has changed quite a bit because of the new stem and handlebar. it’s kind of weird now, but i think that i like it. so the next test will be to go out biking somewhere and see how it goes. perhaps i will go biking next week and start picking up my weekday bike rides again.


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