new laptop

i ordered a new laptop last night. it’s been a purchase that’s been on my mind for a while and like most large purchases i followed my rule to see if it was really something that i was sure i wanted to get. my rule is that after my first impulse to buy, i wait at least a week to see if it is something that i really want to get. if after that week i still want to get it then i’ll start looking for the best deal.

after much searching, i finally found myself getting a dell. sure, i could have bought an HP and gotten a discount from a friend who works there, but ultimately i think what turned me off to HPs is that they just look oddly friendly…and that bothers me. i don’t know what it is about that, but it’s odd. i’ve had a bad experience with toshibas so they were out. sonys are too expensive. the other brand i was seriously considering was fujitsu. they have a great feature set, but i haven’t heard enough about them to feel comfortable spending that much money and then getting a dud.

so dell it was. hopefully the system that i got will be nice and last me a long time. i did splurge a little and get some nice features that i hope i don’t regret. i also hope the laptop isn’t too heavy, but i fear that it is very, very heavy. i also fear that it won’t fit in my current laptop case, but we’ll see.

i also decided to get a centrino laptop with the pentium m processor. this also gives me some amount of concern because the clock speed is so much lower than the other mobile cpus…but from what i’ve read the change in architecture gives it a siginificant performance boost while operating at a slower clock speed. we’ll see, i guess. i hope battery life is good too, but i’m not really holding out for much since i got the big screen.

but yeah, i’m pretty excited and it should come in a few weeks, so when it comes i think that i’ll be carrying that with me everywhere.


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