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programmers are a wacky people. myself, included. i just got called for some code that i wrote that they wanted me to update. it turns out that there were some error messages that i wrote in an application that basically spits out some rather…damaging error messages.

for example, there was this one case that i thought should NEVER EVER come up. because i thought it would never come up, i added a message that said:

something very bad happened. panic.

and go figure, they did. heh. and there was another message i wrote that simply said, “panic.” odd because these cases should never, ever come up too. so much for that theory. but i really didn’t mean to leave those messages there. i meant to leave them as placeholders and to change them later to more professional sounding messages. oh well. i thought it was really funny, but the managers didn’t think so.

go figure.

3 thoughts on “error messages”

  1. i still think it’s funny…but yeah, i was admonished for leaving messages like that. what they don’t know is that i’ve got about two dozen other such messages floating around in the system…if i were asked to find them all, man…that’d be a pain.

    no one seems to have a sense of humor these days. =P

  2. bwhahahaha


    our programmer writes error messages like that too but he got in trouble cos a client got one and freaked out.

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