the driving range

i went to the driving range yesterday and hit half a large bucket of balls while cathy hit the other half. there are a few things that i’ve come to realize. first, i have the world’s largest slice. second, my swing is so biased to slice the ball, i don’t know if i can correct it on my own. i may need serious attention if i want to correct it. i can tell that i have a pretty severe outside-in swing. *sigh* whatever happened to the 250 yard drives splitting the fairway in half?

but it was fun getting out there and swinging the clubs again. it’s been a while since i’ve had the chance to go out and do so. i really ought to start playing in the tournaments for the club i’m in…hmmmm…but it’s so hot these days…

golf…i’m meeting more and more people who are into it now. i guess it’s just a sign that i’m getting older. or maybe i was just a really mature child. yeah…ummm, that’s it.


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