tow, poker, and domino dancing

last night [url=]adam[/url] came over to borrow some lighting gear for some weddings that he’s going to shoot. i got out the bulk of my lighting stuff and he took with him some umbrellas, stands, and the like. i’m very curious to see how that will work out for him.

there were a bunch of fresh faces at poker night last night. trang, johnny, and cathy were all relative newcomers and joined the usual crowd. i’ll use the word “usual” loosely since it seems that many of the regulars seem to be missing. it was all good, though, we played quite a few games and had fun. there were a few waves of people who came about and as quickly as they came, they left.

jason, jen, cathy and i ended up playing some dominoes afterwards. i really do enjoy my domino set and i’m glad that i learned how to play. ooooh, maybe i should set up a mahjong night…if only i could find the right four…

i do miss playing GO, though. hopefully i’ll be able to play it soon again. i’ve been playing it online with shirley while she’s in taiwan. pretty entertaining, i must say.


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