played a lot of volleyball yesterday. first went to serra park to play and then went over to jacl night to play some more. it was good fun. i wasn’t planning on playing volleyball in the park but greg called me up to ask me if i was going to go and finally decided to go and play. i was talking to some people at jacl last night and i may have convinced them to go next week so that should be cool.

as i was talking to greg yesterday, he was explaining to me the finer points of adding top spin to your serves. i had a lot of trouble trying to understand the concept, but i think that i’m slowly getting it. i’ll have to start practicing. it did make me realize something though that i do miss.

when i first started playing volleyball i was definitely one of the weaker, if not weakest, players on the team. as a result, i always had something to shoot for. i always had role models to look up to and get advice and tips from because they were much more veteran players. the two nights of volleyball i play on now are pretty fun, but the one thing i really miss is having someone on the team who is just significantly better than me so that i can learn from them. still…it is all good fun.


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