egg tarts

on the suggestion of one of the readers of the site, i went and got the three egg custard tarts for $1 at ruby king bakery. oh man, were they good!

i went to the bakery and asked for the custard tarts. the woman asked how many. i said three. she smiled with a knowing nod and then charged me a dollar for them.

wow, what a steal! i was skeptical at first about how good it will be given the cost, but man…those were some good tarts. mmmm.

but now that i’ve eaten three of them, i don’t think my stomach is very happy with me. i think i forgot to eat dinner last night so i think it is angry at me right now. maybe i should go and look for some food.

3 thoughts on “egg tarts”

  1. i’m not much of a fan of coconut, but i think i’ve gone to the golden gate bakery before.

    i was very tempted to go get some more egg custard tarts on friday, but thought better of it. i’m sure eating 6 in a day can’t be good for you.

  2. Yes, I agree, everything at Golden Gate Bakery is excellent, especially the custard tarts. There’s always a line at this bakery. The crust of the custard tart is the best, light and flaky. Almond cookies are also pretty tasty.

  3. man I didn’t expect u to eat all 3 in one day!! The best egg custard tart is Golden Gate Bakery in SF (1029 Grant Ave, Chinatown)!! Those are like .80 cents each but the bomb. I think they are on vacation until 8/25 or later. Call before going 415-781-2627. And their coconut macaroon cookies are the Best.

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