someone like me

Someone Like Me
-Atomic Kitten

Don’t let your head rule your heart
Don’t let your world be torn apart
Don’t keep it all to yourself
Just let all your emotions free
With someone like me
That’s they way it should be
Someone like me

I know it’s hard
When your feelin’ down
To lift your feet up off the ground
We make mistakes
But doesn’t everybody
You don’t always have
To agree with someone like me
That’s the way it should be
Someone like me

We know the story so far
(What you want and who you are)
What you want and who you are (free)
Let all you emotions run free
You don’t always have to agree
With someone like me
That’s the way it should be
Someone like me
Someone like me


online dating

yeah…i’m thinking about it. it isn’t something that i really have put a lot of thought into, but i hear more and more people doing it and having good results. but i still have reservations…

but you know, as i read these profiles it definitely makes me wonder. just how many of these are completely honest? i mean you never see:

“SAF seeking hot SAM who does not mind needy, dependent women interested in gold digging.”

i think that things would be much more entertaining if people were completely honest like that.


time for a haircut

it used to be that when i was in a relationship i would know when i would need to get a haircut because i would be told that i’d need one. after i was single, i used to know that i’d have to get a haircut because [url=]paul[/url] would get a haircut and that would be a good indication to me that it was probably time for me to get a haircut too.

but lately, paul’s haircuts have been less and less regular and his hair has been growing longer and longer so i no longer have that guide to go by. but i do think that i’m long overdue for a haircut so it’s time to go back and get a haircut.

lately i’ve been entertaining the idea of coloring my hair again. i do remember that i enjoyed it the last time i did it many years ago…but i do remember the amount of grief i got too from all of my friends and family…especially my family. my poor mom almost went into shock.

anyhow, off to start the weekend!


next netflix batch

the next batch of movies i’m getting from netflix are movies that i would not ordinarily watch, but have been recommended to me from various people. love & sex is the first of the bunch because it stars the fabulously attractive famke janssen. strictly ballroom because i just recently watched (and loved) moulin rouge and apparently this is the first of that trilogy of movies. and lastly amelie because so many people have loved it and have told me that i have to watch it.

quite different from my last batch of torque, 50 first dates, and the sandlot. but i think that i’ll trust people’s opinions and suggestions and see how it goes. i was quite surprised at the sandlot and moulin rouge so maybe i’ll be pleasantly surprised with these movies too.


egg tarts

on the suggestion of one of the readers of the site, i went and got the three egg custard tarts for $1 at ruby king bakery. oh man, were they good!

i went to the bakery and asked for the custard tarts. the woman asked how many. i said three. she smiled with a knowing nod and then charged me a dollar for them.

wow, what a steal! i was skeptical at first about how good it will be given the cost, but man…those were some good tarts. mmmm.

but now that i’ve eaten three of them, i don’t think my stomach is very happy with me. i think i forgot to eat dinner last night so i think it is angry at me right now. maybe i should go and look for some food.

crazy weekend

my original plans for the weekend involved mountain biking, kayaking, volleyball, and hiking. i think that it may now be whittled down to mountain biking and volleyball. we’ll see. i guess the summer days are slowly winding down so i should take advantage of the outdoors while i can.

i do look forward to rain hiking, though…

i am thinking about having a chill weekend instead, though. for some reason i’ve been feeling pretty tired lately and i think that it’s about time to just crash and relax. we’ll just have to see how the weekend goes.


safeway bakers are brilliant

as part of nosh thursday, the company provided a cake of sorts for us to snack on in the morning hours. this was not your typical pastry. no. the bakers are safeway are an inspired lot and they created the coffe cake bear claw.

oh. my. god.

coffee cake? good.

bear claw? good.

put them together? pretty damn good. this is a great idea that i think needs to be further explored. the safeway version itself was good, but i think that there is an untapped potential here that requires further exploration. this is probably almost as inspired of an idea as the fried twinkie.


meeting tow

i met up with [url=]adam[/url] yesterday at the cupertino q-cup to get my lighting gear back and to talk a little shop. i feel like i haven’t gone out on a real photo shoot for a long time now. he had told me that he had gone on a bike trip earlier in the day so i asked him if he brought his camera with him while biking. he laughed and said he wouldn’t take the beast biking with him, it’s just too big.

it made me wonder about bringing my big camera with me. i think that i will bring the elph with me next time and see how that goes for me.


no snack for me

earlier this morning i was tempted to go to the coffee shop to pick up a donut. i thought better of it and decided not to get a donut and instead try and be healthy. after last week’s 7 scoop root beer float (which did give me a stomach ache, but was so worth it anyway) one would think that my root beer float cravings are over with. this is not so. there is still about 2 gallons of ice cream in the freezer at work.

this ice cream cannot be left to waste. its root beer float destiny must be realized! that is what i am here for. and so instead of getting a donut for breakfast, i resolved to have a root beer float after lunch. ahhh, such goody goodness. i am all too excited.

but, after a few hours at work, my energy level started to fade and i thought that i might need a little pick me up. so i went across the street to the coffee shop and it seems that the donut gods were not looking favorably down on me because though there were many donuts available, i didn’t like any of them enough to get them so i left the shop empty-handed.

and so now i have visions of root beer float goodness in my head, but the agony of waiting for it is beginning to become far more torture than i can bear.

perhaps i need to run into chinatown and get a baked custard bun to hold me over. mmmm.