new volleyball season

so i saw the rosters for the new season for sunday night volleyball. this league is a little interesting in that every season captains are chosen at random and then they pick the teams that they want. i’m not sure i know a few people who are on my team, but i do know some others so it’ll be interesting to see how this season goes.

i bought a whistle not too long ago so that i can ref for this league. i don’t really like to ref much, but it’s a friendly league and we let a lot of stuff go anyway. we’ll see how this season goes. this’ll be my third season in this league, though my second in the B pool. sort of was hoping i might get picked up in the A pool, but i guess not. oh well.


heard while interviewing

i have been interviewing people for a position that we’re trying to hire. while talking to this guy for the potential programming position, i asked him to describe the experience he had. after telling me about his experiences, i asked him to tell me about some of the challenges that he faced while programming that project. his reponse?

“the project was not too hard. i think the biggest challenge was in the programming part.”

really? that’s your answer? i mean, do you NOT want the job?