weekend update

my blog entries seem to be growing farther apart and fewer. perhaps i’m taking a page out of [url=http://sushisis.tangledweave.com/]carol’s[/url] book. on friday, we celebrated nelson’s birthday by going to dave and buster’s. shirley and i ran a little late but when we got there, we found out that we were dining in the show room. the show room is dave and buster’s karaoke room where people can belt out to their favorite tunes.

let me tell you, there was some bad singing that night. more bad singing than good singing…much more so. but then again, i can’t sing worth a damned so it was a good thing that i didn’t go up there and embarass myself.

we retired back to [url=http://www.phamily.org]paul’s[/url] where we had ice cream cake from coldstone. i think that i personally like baskin robbins’ ice cream cake more, though, but the coldstone cake was also quite good. i tried to take a few pictures with the s400 in low light, but they all ended up rather blurry. sigh.

i need to get a fast lens for my camera. not sure which one to get, just yet. maybe the 50mm/1.4.

saturday, i went to this guy’s housewarming party up in hayward. he has a nice pad with interesting colored walls. saw a whole bunch of aphio folk there, none of which i recognized that i didn’t meet already meet very recently. sophia made me some kind of tasty drink and i saw a few familiar faces and made some conversation. joe and i agreed to exchange info and perhaps play poker sometime.

sunday was spent in the morning helping trang set up her new classroom. i did some cleaning, some organizing, and put up a board. johnny, jen, ray, shirley, and i were all there on hand to help her out. we broke for lunch at barney’s in berkeley where trang treated us to lunch. this was my first barney’s experience. their burgers are pretty good, they use only the finest of ingredients. but i felt that the burger was a little bland and too meaty. yes, they do use ground chuck and that’s quite good, but there’s more to a burger than just the meat. it’s all in the spices. i like my burgers more. but, their turkish coffee milkshake is to die for.

and then there was sunday volleyball on the new team. have some good players on the team, so we’ll see how we end up doing. i made a few mental errors and kept getting in the way of the setter. i’ll try harder to be better. but i got some good hits in which was good so i’m hoping that i’ll continue that trend this week.

another long commute

today’s commute was 1.5 hours long. i don’t know why it was so long and it just makes the day seem to go by more slowly. on the way to work, i decided to stop over at mcdonald’s to pick up some breakfast. i hadn’t eaten dinner the night before and i felt that i was in need of some food.

while happily eating my breakfast, some of the grease from my steak and eggs bagel sandwich dripped on to my shirt and now wherever i walk i can catch a whiff of the greasy meal i had this morning…also wherever i walk people can see a big fat grease stain in the middle of my shirt. greeeeat. i tried to go to the bathroom to blot it out, but it wasn’t coming out well so i decided to try and clean it out with a little water. now, i have a huge wet spot in the middle of my shirt. yeah…things aren’t getting better, just worse.

so it’s been a bit of a crazy start of a monday. at least i don’t have any meeting scheduled. that’s a relief.