yummy dinner

i made dinner last night. family recipe steak, garlic bread, stuffing, and rice. it was quite delicious, though very unhealthy. i think that i’m going to have to make more healthy food, otherwise i’m sure that my arteries will clog up with all of this fat. perhaps i will try to make a healthy meal for every unhealthy meal i make. heh…ok, perhaps i should be more realistic. i will try to make one healthy meal a week. that ought to be doable, right? yeah, i think so.

i also made spinach dip last night for the first time. it was the first time i used frozen chopped spinach. i may have to use that in my lasagna next time. we’ll see. it was pretty good though. i remember when my mom used to boil spinach and serve it up for dinner. that was sort of good too. i wonder if you can make spinach soup. hmmmmm.

the commute gone bad…but good?

i’ve been watching tv while on my bad commutes to work. over an hour just sucks. oh well. but today i was able to watch two episodes of medical investigation. this is great for me catching up on my tv. so far i’ve been barely able to keep up with the downloading of shows to watch them, but i’m still a little behind.

i am really digging this show though. i’m not sure what it is about it, but it seems pretty cool. the main character seems a little unstable, but i guess that’s ok. i sort of like the strong, silent type like that of grissom in CSI.

aside from that i think that the commute has been bad, but i’m getting used to it again. oh well, gone are the days of the happy commute, i guess. i wonder if this means that i need to shift my hours again? hmmmmmm.