running late

i’ve been running late to a lot of things lately. this is a habit that must be broken. i’ve been getting to work early though, so that’s a good thing.

yesterday, i was running late to volleyball. so late, in fact, that when i got to citybeach they were about to start play. so i ran onto the court wearing jeans and a t-shirt without my ankle brace. i decided to take it easy that game and not play too aggressively. it seems that my ankle actually held up well, though. maybe i’m using this brace as a crutch…it has been a while since i hurt my ankle…but i’ll still play with it, as a preventitive measure and all.

yesterday was finally a good volleyball day…well, decent, anyway. i got a few good hits in and i think that i just felt better about my play overall. this is a good thing too because i feel like i’ve been in a bit of a rut lately.

actually, on the whole, i do feel like i’ve sort of peaked in terms of volleyball. i don’t know what it is that will get me to that next level, but i feel that i am not really improving any. i think that i really need to seek out play that is much better than what i’m at now. that’s how i improved last time, when i played at a higher level than i was at. it was painful, but i did get better. i’m probably going to drop two of my volleyball nights. i just don’t feel that it’s very productive and i think that i’m beginning to feel a little frustrated that i’m not getting better.

perhaps it is time to find a new activity…