hump day aftermath

yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. there was some volleyball to be had. playing the setter position can be pretty hard work. i think that i am particularly sore. i was planning on eating tacos that trang made, but it turned out that dinner was too late and i needed to eat before volleyball so shirley and i headed over to 369 instead in fremont and had some food there. the food was pretty decent. as we were leaving, i had forgotten to leave a tip, but shirley remembered and we went back to the restaurant and left a little tip there.

my head has been up in the clouds recently. i haven’t really been able to concentrate too much on anything. i guess i’ve been distracted lately, but not too sure what it is that i’ve been distracted about. just a general weirdness of sorts.


q-cup in berkeley

i decided to check out the q-cup in berkeley yesterday after i got an email from the owner of the shop. it’s located on center street in downtown berkeley near the bart station. i decided to check out q-cup on a whim and decided that i would bart there from work. the thought of having to drive into berkeley, find parking in downtown, and then walk to q-cup, get my drink and repeat everything in reverse didn’t seem worth it. luckily, it’s only a $2.50 roundtrip bart ride. that isn’t so bad, especially if you consider that i probably would have burned close to a dollar in quarters for parking in berkeley too.

q-cup there is a small shop and there was something rather odd about the tea or pearls there. i think that there was a hint of mint in there that sort of bothered me, though.

it was an interesting trip on the bart. it’s been a while since i’ve ridden on it but everytime i ride the bart a flood of memories overwhelm me from the days i used to ride bart to commute from berkeley to san jose. ahhh, those were the days.