jack and bobby

jack and bobby, by far, is the best new tv show i’ve seen so far this season. most of the other shows have been pretty disappointing, but jack and bobby has been pretty amazing. i thought that it might be good, but never did i suspect that it would be this good.

it seems that excellent writing seems to be the latest trend for me. before it used to be a pretty face that would win me over, but lately it seems that really good writing has drawn me to shows. the last show that really won me over was joan of arcadia.

courtney is probably the cutey of the show, but i don’t think that she’s to-die-for cute. not like lana from smallville or buffy. but so far i’ve been very impressed with the show and i can’t wait to see more episodes. i highly recommend the show. it’s probably the only show i’ve seen so far that i would recommend….nay, insist others to watch.

chicken n’ waffles

i had chicken and waffles for lunch today. half a chicken and two waffles. mmmmm. very good. i know i haven’t been eating well lately, but i can’t help it. it’s just too good. i haven’t had pearl tea in a long while too so after work today, i’m going to go over and indulge in a little pearl tea at tapioca express.

looks like i’ve got some work that i need to do too, so i’ll be a busy bee. i wonder how long i will be staying there tonight. i sort of don’t want to go home tonight because i’ve got a lot of stuff to do and i know as soon as i get home, my motivation to get any work done will be very, very low.


yummy dinner

i made dinner last night. family recipe steak, garlic bread, stuffing, and rice. it was quite delicious, though very unhealthy. i think that i’m going to have to make more healthy food, otherwise i’m sure that my arteries will clog up with all of this fat. perhaps i will try to make a healthy meal for every unhealthy meal i make. heh…ok, perhaps i should be more realistic. i will try to make one healthy meal a week. that ought to be doable, right? yeah, i think so.

i also made spinach dip last night for the first time. it was the first time i used frozen chopped spinach. i may have to use that in my lasagna next time. we’ll see. it was pretty good though. i remember when my mom used to boil spinach and serve it up for dinner. that was sort of good too. i wonder if you can make spinach soup. hmmmmm.

the commute gone bad…but good?

i’ve been watching tv while on my bad commutes to work. over an hour just sucks. oh well. but today i was able to watch two episodes of medical investigation. this is great for me catching up on my tv. so far i’ve been barely able to keep up with the downloading of shows to watch them, but i’m still a little behind.

i am really digging this show though. i’m not sure what it is about it, but it seems pretty cool. the main character seems a little unstable, but i guess that’s ok. i sort of like the strong, silent type like that of grissom in CSI.

aside from that i think that the commute has been bad, but i’m getting used to it again. oh well, gone are the days of the happy commute, i guess. i wonder if this means that i need to shift my hours again? hmmmmmm.


weekend update

so it seems another weekend has come and gone. i feel particularly more sore this weekend than weekend’s past, though. saturday was spent playing in a volleyball tournament. jen, cathy, de, and i played in the last shindig tournament of the season. it was quite fun. we took second place in our pool, and third place overall. no prizes this time. =( but still it was fun and the weather was nice, though a little overcast on saturday.

sunday, however, was supposed to be a day of wine tasting in napa, but we awoke to the thunderous rainstorms that crept out of nowhere. and it was raining HARD. so now that the napa plans were cancelled, shirley and i decided to relax, lounge, and enjoy the rest of the day.

and that was the weekend.


new phone

so i finally got my new cell phone over the weekend. i’m not sure if i really mentioned it to anyone, but my old phone was dying on me. the LCD was cracked and over the weekend it started to develop this rather annoying habit of shutting itself off. quite nice, indeed. so i activated the new phone that i got, and though i’m not crazy about the phone, it is smaller, thinner, and lighter than my old phone so i guess that’s a good thing. putting in phone numbers is a big pain, though, so i stopped entering them after maybe putting in about 15 numbers. hopefully people will just start calling me to catch up or something. that would be nice. (hint, hint) =P

one of the things that i’m particularly unhappy about this phone is that it has no external display so you can see who is calling you. i think this means that i’m going to have to make use of the distinctive ringing and train myself to recognize who is who. i’m also trying to figure out how to get images onto the phone since it also has picture caller id on it.

but it is nice to have a reliable phone again. i must say that carrying around that old phone was beginning to get a little tiresome.


not that innocent…

now i guess i have been just in denial, but when i read about how [url=http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=796&e=2&u=/eo/20040919/en_celeb_eo/14963]britney got married again[/url] in a hush hush quicky marriage over the weekend, i think that i’ve just about given up on her. i don’t get it. what in the world is going on here?

oh well, i guess it’s just another monday…

bradford, you idiot.

total spoiler here for the apprentice, but i have to comment about this because i was shocked and fuming when i first saw the episode last night.

bradford had won immunity previously and so he was all good and happy and set. ivana, the project manager for apex was doing a wretchedly bad job as the project manager and i personally feel due to her poor performance, she should definitely be fired. stacie is also well hated by everyone and due to her complete lack of social senses, i feel that she should be fired too. but bradford, poor, dear, stupid, arrogant bradford. you, my friend, should not have been fired. were it not for your cockiness, were it not for your pride, you should have stayed, and you probably could have made it a long way.

i was really upset when i first heard trump’s decision because i felt that there were other people on the show who just weren’t cut out for it. ivana was being torn to shreds by her teammates and i really felt that she needs to be fired. but then i started thinking…

wouldn’t it be more interesting to see ivana outcasted by the group for bringing bradford into the boardroom and then having him leave OVER stacie or herself? not only will everyone else hate her because she just hurt the team, but she’s managed to stay there and keep stacie in. wouldn’t it be pretty fun to watch ivana squirm around and see what is going to happen to her after everyone finds out what has happened to bradford? sure, the guy’s a chauvinistic pig, but at least he’s got some kind of business sense. at least he recognized that his arrogance may not be the best course of action and he later backed off and listened to the group’s suggestion. i mean, the guy’s kind of dumb, but not completely. he’s got some potential.

but he certainly was made an example of tonight. nice.

but alas, it is his arrogance that got him. besides, i don’t think that ivana or stacie are going to be staying much longer anyway, but it would be kind of neat if they started an outcast group to scheme against the rest of the group. that would be quite entertaining…not that i think either of them have it in them to lead such a revolution.

doesn’t matter, they’ll both be fired if they keep it up anyway.


yay, netflix!

netflix just asked me to come again for another focus group! this means that there’ll be ANOTHER two free months of netflix membership! sweet! i remember the woman who ran the focus group told me that she might be interested in contacting me again after they’ve done some more development so i’ve been anticipating that they would contact me.

ahhhh, free membership. gotta love it!