dr. vegas

why is it that every character rob lowe plays is himself? the off-beat, quirky guy who knows it all? he’s too smart for his own good and too moral that he often gets himself in trouble as a result of his own morality?

even still, dr. vegas is an entertaining show with some of my favorite actors. sarah lancaster, rob lowe, and joe pantoliano. it’s a little rough around the edges, but it seems ok. it’s not a to die for show to watch, but it’s good enough that i’ll check out another episode or two. i don’t think that the show will last though.

it’s too bad the handler didn’t last. i liked joe pantoliano in that.

2 thoughts on “dr. vegas”

  1. hahaha, i do recall something shady like that. i guess moral might not be the right word, but didn’t his character in the west wing have some kind of an affair with a prostitute as well? seemed to hit pretty close to home.

    i meant overall, he seems to have these high morals, but everyone has their vices…i guess his sort of run in the more saucy variety. =P

  2. did you say too moral? wasn’t rob lowe caught for soliciting the services of a prostitute or having sex in the back of a car or something back in the 90s?

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