monday night volleyball

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that yesterday was my monday night volleyball playoffs. we were short one person and i was about to not go as well, but decided at the last night to go because the team was already short so many players.

we got eliminated after the first round. sort of disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. our team goes through a lot of ups and downs and the streaks were really hurting us. but this also marks the last time i’ll be playing on this team because my other team will be moving back to monday nights so i won’t be able to play with them.

since we were short players, when i was in the front, i was asked to be the setter…for those of you who don’t follow volleyball, me, or my playing volleyball, the setter position is usually left for people who can:

1) set
2) play the position
3) move around the court quickly

this position is not my forte and on top of that it also takes me out of the hitting rotation, which sucks, but oh well. but i’ve been improving my setting so i guess it was nice to see that the improvement has not gone unnoticed. but still, i felt like i was struggling a little bit. oh well.

wednesday will be the playoffs for the altera team. i’m really hoping that we’ll be able to play well, but with the new line up, it’ll be interesting to see how we do. i also happen to be setting that evening as well. neat! actually, i don’t mind setting on the altera team as much, it’s kind of fun to play the new position there.

and so that’s enough volleyball talk. i probably should find a new hobby. maybe i’ll take up photography again. i think that it’s time to organize a little photography outing. hmmmm, where to go? where to go?


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