weekend + monday update

i didn’t go to work yesterday. i didn’t do much of anything yesterday, actually. i woke up and didn’t feel very good so i decided to call in sick and actually slept for most of the day. while i wasn’t sleeping, i was in bed watching tv instead. i got caught up on a lot of shows and got more caught up on a lot of sleep. too much sleep, maybe. the only time i got out of bed during the day was to go make a quick run at mcdonalds for some food.

the weekend was pretty chock full of stuff to do. it was a little overwhelming and i long for the weekend where i can just relax and enjoy it lazying about for a little bit. friday, we went to this club/bar/lounge place in the city called [url=http://www.fluidsf.com/]fluid[/url]. it was alright, pretty small, actually. the dance floor (if you can call it that) was pretty crowded and small. the go go dancers weren’t that impressive, and overall, i thought that the place was so-so. i was on the guest list which gave me a $5 discount on the cover, so instead of $15 it was $10. sort of lame.

but when i went to the bartender and got a drink, they gave me a free drink on them. i thought that was pretty cool. when i told shirley that, she asked if the bartender was hot and i replied, “yeah, i guess so, but they’re not my type.” she asks, “oh why not?” and i replied, “well, he’s a he. =P”

saturday i had breakfast with trang, ray, and shirley and then i spent the rest of the day running some errands and taking care of little odds and ends before heading over to trang and shirley’s party in the evening.

sunday, i had dim sum with some of shirley’s friends and then went to charlowe’s birthday party in the park. didn’t know too many people there, but was able to play some volleyball in the park which was fun. i was late to volleyball and missed the first game on sunday night, but was able to play out the rest of the evening and ref’d the last two games.

i’m not sure if i’m going to be returning to the JACL volleyball league on sunday nights. it takes away so much of my weekend activities and i’m just not sure if it’s worth it for me to do so anymore. i think i’m pretty much decided on this, unless maybe i get bumped up to the A pool. the A pool has a lot of off nights so it won’t feel like so many of my sundays are burned away. hmmm, i don’t think that that is going to be much of an option though because it seems like that pool is pretty full. decisions, decisions…

monday was spent sick and here i am now.


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