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“Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it’s the only way to live life completely.”

i was reminded this weekend about this philosophy. i think as more and more time goes by, i realize that there are no guarantees in life.

you can’t just go and lower your expectations to the point where you can’t be disappointed…well, you can, but what kind of life will you be leading then?

you can’t go and hide away pretending that the world is perfect and that there are no problems…well, you can, but what kind of lie will you be living?

you can’t go and complain about how things are and then suddenly expect that everything will work itself out…well, you can, but how realistic do you think it is that your problems will really resolve themselves?

you can’t go and just hope that all of your problems will magically fix themselves.

yet so many times so many of us will do just these things hoping that through denial we will be able to find happiness. it’s odd because it seems that we all have a tremendous capacity for pain and suffering and we often opt to test these limits than to make our lives better for ourselves.

odd that we do this to ourselves, isn’t it?

but we still do. i wonder why. maybe because it’s just easier to suffer than it is to try and make a difference. maybe it’s easier to stay the course than it is to try and make waves to better your life. maybe it’s just safer to do that.

but the thing is, life is not about staying the safe course. love is not about playing things safe. when you do things, you should do things deeply and passionately. you should not half-heartedly love someone. why do you even bother? love is such a magnificent process, it should be lived out fully. there are no guarantees with love, but if you don’t give it your all, i don’t think it’s worth trying out. sure, you may get burned here and there, but i still believe that it is all worth it.

i heard someone say that half of all marriages end in divorce. that does sound a little discouraging, but no one talks about the other half. half of all marriages last with lifetime commitments. half of all marriages are for life, forever. isn’t the pursuit of love worth it?

all you need to do is get it right once.

2 thoughts on “thought of the day”

  1. sometimes, you love so deeply and passionately to the point that there is nothing left in you anymore. it is never that easy. it takes luck and timing and a lot of bruising and scarring, before one truly finds what they are looking for…. if they do.

  2. i applaud you!

    at last, someone in this blogger world who’s positive in his outlook in life.

    way to go man!

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