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i believe there were 22 different truffles to be tried by everyone. 6 different flavors with up to four varieties of each flavor to sample. though truffles are small and bite-sized, they are truly decadent and each morsel was something to be savored. i was definitely feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of chocolate that i had to consume last night. it was a good thing that i didn’t eat dinner beforehand because i don’t know if i would have been able to have had all of this truffle madness.

my friend had a truffle taste test last night and we all had to sample the various truffles out there. it turned out that there were 3 different brands of truffles and she wanted to see how their truffles matched up against the commercial competitors.

she’s also asked me if i would do some product photography so i had agreed to shoot a few sample shots of the truffles to see if they wanted to go with my style or not. i guess we’ll see how that works out. either way, it was nice to get a little tasting of truffles. mmmm.

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we all had to fill out these surveys to give some feedback on the truffles. during this time, i realized that i have a very commercial palette and a rather unsophisticated one, at that. i generally liked godiva more than the much more expensive and high class xox chocolates. oh well, i guess that’s why i don’t have truffles all the time.

but the way that people were describing the complex tastes in the truffles was simply amazing. they would describe the truffles as “typical commercial overprocessing, with a waxy shell.” me? i thought it was good chocolate. =P


our host had a candle burning on an end table, so while i was waiting for people to arrive, i decided to take a quick picture and ended up liking it more than any of the pictures of the truffles i took. go figure. =P

7 thoughts on “truffle taste test”

  1. i’ve never actually been a big fan of truffles. they are good, but i don’t think that i could say that i really LOVE them either. they are alright. i think for me, i usually enjoy more sugary sweet chocolates that are plain and simple. all of this complex chocolate truffle stuff is good, but i don’t know if it is my cup of tea.

    my friend will be selling boxes of this stuff for the holiday season, if you are interested, i can get a menu available to you, just drop me an email.

    as for how to become a taste tester…heh, from what i understand my friend has too many offers for that. go figure, eh?

  2. where do we sign up to become a taste tester?!?!?! i’m not a big fan of the godiva stuff either… every time i drop by their store @stonestown to get even a COUPLE (read: 2) chocolates, it takes forever to leave the store b/c they keep asking if i’ve tried x,y, z and try to get me to sign the dog up for a mailing list. jeez. xoxo darks and hazelnut covered truffs are my fave :)…

  3. thanks for sharing. I don’t care for Godiva much, expensive yuck. XOX Truffles are ok, tiny but full of intense favorite is their Caramel. If u didn’t try XOX Caramel Truffle then you missed a Winner!!

  4. the top right image looks the most delicious because it looks warm and inviting whereas the color of the rest of the truffles looks cold.

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