macro fun


[url=]jimmy[/url] gave jen some persimmons, but jen’s now away for a few weeks for work so there’s a big bag of them sitting in the fridge. i don’t know how long they last, but i suspect that they will go bad before she gets back. jen offered me some persimmons too, but i don’t like them so i don’t know what is going to happen to them.

i decided to make one of them useful and i decided to try out one of my lenses for macro work. it took pictures better than i had expected. the problem i see now is that macro photography is very detailed oriented and dust is a big, big problem.

3 thoughts on “macro fun”

  1. that’s the hard kind of persimmons, Fuyu and they last forever it seems. Like an apple, not very sweet. They’re good. If you cut them the long way they have a star shape in the cut!!

    I love the soft ones, Hachiyas. They take forever to turn very soft (only way to eat them cuz if they’re hard they are bitter.)
    Just like eating jam almost.

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