forgetting to shave

i have this rather nasty habit to forget to shave from time to time. the problem is that i usually remember that i forgot to shave about 10 minutes into my commute to work. this is the most inconvenient time for me to have remembered that i forgot to shave because it is just far enough away from the apartment for me to want to go back just to shave.

but, one night’s stubble is also just enough to drive me crazy for the rest of the day. so on days that i forget to shave AND i decide not to go back home to shave, i’m left with rubbing my face all day long with the irritating stubble. this is a rather troubling dilemma.

oh…and i am completely incapable of using a razor. i don’t know why, but regardless of how much shaving cream i may use, i will always end up cutting my face if i use a razor.

oh well…it’s a good thing that i didn’t forget to shave today!

One thought on “forgetting to shave”

  1. have you tried ZIRH shaving gel for shaving w/ a razor? my hairy middle eastern bf swears by it and some ppl he has recommended it to are quite taken by it. you can stop by sephora and ask one of the saleppl for a trial supply :).

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