the end of an era

there’s a local coffee shop near work called the third street grind. i’m a fairly regular customer there and i have a regular drink and the occassional donut there…well, more than occassional, but still, not daily. anyhow, today is the last day that the current owner is going to be there and it seems that dee is selling the place off to some new people. now, i don’t know if the place is going to stay the same, but part of the charm of the place is the homey feel that it has. hopefully that won’t be changed with the new ownership.

when dee was making my large white mocha, she asked me if i wanted to have a shot of brandy in it today. i was like, “what?” she said, “do you want a shot of brandy in your drink?” i was like, “uhhh, ok!”

now, i thought that this might have been some kind of brandy flavoring or something, but as she was making my drink my eyes widened when i saw her take out a bottle of REAL brandy and put it in my drink. let me just say that a white mocha tastes DRAMATICALLY different with a little shot of brandy. but it’s actually quite good. i may have to make all of my mochas irish from now on.

it’s too bad that this is only a one time deal.

it’s also too bad that i’m drinking at work.

i wonder if this will affect my judgment.

i wonder if my judgment has already been compromised.

man, i sound like an alcoholic.

oh well, there’s nothing like having a little drinky drink at work, right? i think the last time i drank alcohol at work was back when i was at my first startup. we went to el torrito’s or something and i had a margarita for a farewell lunch for a co-worker. after that i was a little toasty for the rest of the day.


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