catching up with the jones’

last night i went to tapioca express to catch up with a friend of mine. i feel like i haven’t seen the person in a long time so it was good to be able to catch up on each other’s lives and see what’s going on. it was as if all of that time hadn’t passed and that time didn’t create a void between us.

that isn’t necessarily true for all of the people i know. there are some people who flitter in and out of my life. time and distance does seem to grow a great divide between us and though we may have been great friends before, we seem to no longer share that connection that we once had.

sometimes i wonder if i’m an island. i wonder if maybe i’m the only one around and though i know that other people exist, i wonder if i’m just sort of out there by myself. so every so often i decide that i really need to get off my butt and make the effort to go and do something about it and i’ll reach out and get in touch with people who i’ve fallen out of touch with. sometimes it’s a good thing to catch up, other times it just magnifies the distance that has grown between us.

in any event, with my DSL out, i feel even more disconnected than ever. even though i don’t spend too much time chatting away, just knowing that the people are out there provided some kind of weird comfort. strange, isn’t it? man, i am so dependent on broadband, it’s ridiculous. it’s a good thing i’m going boarding this weekend so i can just get away from it all and recharage a bit.


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