another day, another free hot spot

i’m hanging out at java town cafe in santa clara right now where i happened to stumble upon their free wireless hotspot. i was actually wardriving up and down el camino real looking for a place to hang out before going to korea house for dinner before tonight’s big poker night.

i haven’t played poker in a long, long time, so it’ll be nice to be able to go play some poker. i’m getting a little hungry so it’ll be good to get some good eating in before the game.

i do miss the DSL at the apartment. i’m hoping that it’ll be fixed up soon…very soon.

but life without broadband is interesting. more tv, mostly. i guess that isn’t very interesting, eh? but i did get a chance to watch committed the other night. even though the critics hated it, i really liked the show. i enjoyed its quirky humor.


server issues

i think there’s something wrong with my server, it seems awfully slow.

i haven’t been posting much, mostly because i feel like there hasn’t been much to write about. or maybe it’s because i’ve been really busy lately. i’m not sure…but let me see if i can do a quick recap of things.

my new year’s was fun, though my back was hurting a little so i had to cut it a little short. but still, was able to go out clubbing to ring in the new year.

aside from that, getting back into the swing of things at work is a little hard. i don’t know what it is, but i just can’t seem to get used to the schedule that i used to keep. so it’s really hard waking up that early in the morning and i’m not sure what my options really are besides getting into work later and having to leave a little later. oh well.

i’ve been playing around with the idea of switching blog software again. i’m sort of looking into other alternatives again, but we’ll see.

oh, oh, oh! i just found out about [url=]knoppix[/url], the live linux distribution that fits on a CD. this may be my favorite linux distribution now for my laptop.

not much else going on, really….except TV!

man…too much tv…too little time.