new vball team

today was the first of my sunday night volleyball league. i had a lot of fun with the team, though i think that i need to be a little bit more organized next week. it was good fun to play and i think that i’ll have a lot of fun this season.

there are several people who can set, but no one has any super strong convictions to play a certain way so i really enjoy the easy going team. i even got my team to cheer “hit me baby one more time!” it’s just great!


happy days

i came home yesterday to find the site of pure happiness. after what seemed like an eternity, the DSL at the apartment had FINALLY been fixed. i called up tech support and after about an hour or so of painful walking through of how to reset my password, i was back up and running.

it’s strange how much you miss something, but after you have it, you don’t really do much with it. i mean, i know that i agonized over not having broadband, but once i got it and i tested it by browsing the web, i did not plant myself in front of the computer and spend the day browsing the web. no, instead, i went out and ran some errands. sort of makes me wonder why i was squirming in pain so much.

but the DSL is back up and i’m happy as a clam. i’ve started to put it to good use and we’ll see how long i can keep the line busy. i’m about to start making cookies now. lots and lots of cookies for the volleyball team later tonight. i’m hoping to make a batch or two before going out to hang out with [url=]dardy[/url] today. i figure he’s probably still sleeping, even though it’s noon, so i’ve got some time.