movable type

i do like the newest version of movable type. i just upgraded [url=]jenny[/url] to it and after looking around, i’m fairly impressed with the new comment handling stuff since version 2.64. i guess i’ve been a little lax in updating her software. but the upgrade path was actually REALLY easy. i have to admit, those folks at six apart sure know what they are doing.

i also added a captcha authentication thingy for her comments so she doesn’t get so much comment spam. it’s nice that the movable type community has these resources to make it easy. i’m very tempted to switch, but i really don’t like how slow the system is. it just feels painfully slow to use. hmmmmm. perhaps i should start with my dreams of my own blogging software, eh?


the snickerdoodles i made yesterday are rapidly being eaten up by all the folks at the office. our admins seem to particularly enjoy them as they’ve had several helpings. i think it’s pretty funny that the cookies are going by so quickly. i guess i ought to make another batch of cookies because it doesn’t look like i will be having enough to last me to tomorrow. hmmm, maybe i’ll make some cookies tomorrow night.

i did learn that baking soda is a key ingredient for keeping cookies soft. i imagine that the baking soda and cream of tartar were two ingredients that were vital for that purpose. i’m not a fan of soft cookies, generally speaking, but with snickerdoodles, soft cookies are much better, i think.

tea era

this weekend was a tea era-filled weekend of sorts. i went to the pearl tea shop in mountain view twice this weekend. it’s pretty unusual for me to go as far as mountain view these days to get pearl tea, but to do it twice this weekend is more than just a little unusual.

the first time i went there was because i had been craving their barley milk tea with pearls. it is my favorite drink there and whenever i get it, i’m quite the happy camper. even though it is a little pricey at $3.25, but i think it is well worth it.

the second time i went was with [url=]dardy[/url] on sunday afternoon to hang out and catch up a little bit. it was good to hang out with him as i haven’t really seen him in some time. i still think it’s funny that he refers to us as the bowling gang even though we haven’t gone bowling now for a long, long time.

i wonder if it is about time to start up bowling again. i do wonder, indeed.